Assistance to SMMEs in the tourism and hospitality sector who are under particular stress due to the new travel restrictions.


Until 31 May 2020


Available to businesses within the following categories:

  • Accommodation: hotels; resort properties and B&B’s
  • Hospitality and related services: restaurants (not attached to hotels); conference facilities (not attached to hotels), professional catering and attractions
  • Travel and related services: tour operators; travel agents; tourist guides; car rental companies; and coach operators.

Businesses must:

  • Be formally registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC)
  • Have a turnover less than R2.5 million per year
  • Have a valid tax clearance certificate
  • Provide guaranteed employment for a minimum number of staff for a period of 3 months
  • Comply with minimum wage
  • Have been in existence for at least one business financial year
  • Have registered employees for UIF


You can apply online :

You will need to prove that the relief is required as a result of the impact of COVID-19 and you will need to indicate the intended use of the resources.

The Department of Tourism indicates that feedback will be provided within 7 days of application, and will be processed within 30 days of application. The window for applications is open until 31 May 2020.


  • Proof of financial position e.g. 12 months bank statements; balance sheet; income statements; cash flow statements
  •  Proof of minimum wage compliance


Visit the website:

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