If employees contract the coronavirus at work, they may be able to claim for temporary or permanent disability, depending on how they were affected.


Currently Active


  • The employer must report cases to the Compensation Fund and show, chronologically, that the development of symptoms followed the work exposure and must must report within 14 days of notification by the affected employee
  • Claims should be accompanied by a medical report detailing symptoms and diagnosis with any other relevant information

Are you a representative of an organisation that requires to capture notification of accident claims and medical reports?

  • The duly authorised person acting on behalf of the organisation must register as an employer representative first, and once the authorised person logs in he/she will be able to link to your organisation with your CF Registration Number.

Are you a medical practitioner seeking to capture a medical reports for compensation fund claims?


  • Once you have registered and logged in you will be able to utililize the online submissions application to capture and update medical reports. The employer must report cases in a prescribed manner to the Compensation Fund. Claims should be accompanied by a medical report detailing symptoms and diagnosis with any other relevant information.


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