Lansdowne Boards was looking for a partner to help them reach and employ young people into their business. They were in the development phase of turning their entry level opportunities into a growth model where employees were trained to become their own small business owners and were looking for young people that had an interest in working in wood working, cabinetry or shop fitting. The plan was to take employees through the different parts of the business from manufacturing to sales to finance with the idea that when they completed the program they would be able to start an assembly business of their own. Their challenge? Where and how to find these young people.


Lansdowne Boards ensured that all the young people that were invited to an interview were supported with transport money to cover their travel costs which helped remove a barrier that often prevents young people from arriving at interviews.


Lansdowne Boards worked closely with the SA Youth team to scope out the job opportunities and then find young people that matched the opportunities using the SA Youth platform. They found the calibre of the candidates they interviewed to be really strong and were impressed that all the candidates that turned up were on time. The SA Youth platform ensured that all young people that were matched to the opportunity lived within easy travelling distance of their new place of work – which helps to increase the likelihood of them succeeding in their new roles.


They were recruiting for four new staff members but as a result of the calibre of the candidates they ended up hiring eight young people.

“We will definitely make use of
SA Youth again for our recruitment needs in the future.”

Pieter de Villiers, Helena Metz, Head of Recruitment

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