OUTsurance has committed relief funding for OUTsurance service providers who are impacted by the inability to work during the COVID -19 pandemic


  • Service providers must have a turnover of less than R50m per annum
  • The Rand value of work allocated to our service provider by OUTsurance must drop by more than 50% during the period April to June 2020
  • This drop has to be caused by the impact of the pandemic and not because of normal work reductions due to poor service or audit outcomes
  • OUTsurance will assess this by the 10th of each month, starting
    1 May 2020. An individual service provider can only qualify once.
  • OUTsurance will assess the merits of each application and make a contribution to the service provider.


Service providers can apply by sending a motivation to covid19sphelp@out.co.za


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