We need your help.

Are you looking for ways to get involved with Harambee and contribute to solutions for South Africa’s youth unemployment crisis?

First and foremost, what is needed most is JOBS!

You can help by hiring Harambee candidates into your business or by being an ambassador for Harambee – talking to employers about doing things differently and changing their approach to hiring entry-level talent.

Looking for other ways to impact the lives of our candidates?

If you think back to your first job interview, you will remember the importance of first impressions – and the importance of being prepared!  We know that employers can make up their mind about a candidate in the first few minutes. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of South African youth by preparing them to make the best first impression.


One of the biggest challenges that we face is getting first-time work seekers interview-ready. Imagine if you don’t know anyone that is working to ask for help in getting ready for a job interview.

We have learned that these talented young people just need a little bit of practice to build the confidence they need to win the job. Employers have told us that they often make a decision based on many factors and that non-verbal communication is also incredibly important – how someone present themselves, eye contact, their introduction and their smile.

We have many opportunities for volunteers to conduct mock interviews with candidates and give them feedback on how to win the job. This is a great learning opportunity for everyone from CEOs and senior management to junior team members needing to improve their interview skills. Having hosted hundreds of mock interviewers, Harambee knows that this is also a chance for you to learn more about the youth unemployment challenge and to meet some of South Africa’s high-potential young people who are so hungry for work!




Clothes can be an important part of any first impression, especially in a first job interview. If you have interview-appropriate clothes, you can donate them and help an unemployed youth make a better impression in their first interview.

All clothing donations need to be clean, in good condition and ready to wear. Every item of clothing you donate can help a young South African succeed at their job interview.

What do we need:

Smart shirts, pants, skirts, dresses and jackets
Accessories – jewellery, scarves, belts

Smart pants, blazers and shirts
Ties and belts
• Shoes


Harambee invests in ‘career advocacy’ to help young people understand the entry-level job market – and that your first job may not always be your dream job.

We have collected stories from successful professionals about their first job and the lessons they learned. It helps young people know that we all had to start somewhere!